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The Benji Thing (Part 2)

Back Home!

Benji made it back home!

After some frantic Googling last night to try to find a backup Benji, all our worries were in vain.

Thankfully, our lovely daughter managed to drop him in the Post Office, where he was safely looked after in the magical land of ‘Lost and Found’

Happily reunited, Benji will never leave the house again.

For what it’s worth I found him for sale in Turkey and Taiwan -the only online shops that seem to have him in stock (though I am relying on Google translate for that knowledge).

The Benji Thing



This is Benji.

Or at least a stock photo version of him.

Benji was gifted to us by someone from work back in 2013 when we were expecting the twins. One of our girls loves him.

Yesterday we had a trip to the dentist, and as suggested by Peppa Pig, Benji came along for the ride. At some point between leaving the dentist and arriving home later that afternoon, Benji had vanished. A very distraught 3.5 year old went to bed, after giving me the instruction “Never stop looking for him, ok?”

Needless to say, I feel like crap.

God speed Benji, wherever you may be.

Hello world!


I’m Michael and this is my corner of the internet. I’m a husband, a father to three beautiful girls, and I am a jack-of-all-trades geek. I’ve started many blogs over the years, but because I never had a ‘niche’, I never bothered maintaining them. This one I plan to, mostly because it has no niche.

I like photography, computers, coding, graphic design, music, video games, my family, my job… too many things to maintain a simple blog on one thing.

So here is my collective cruft, here for your reading pleasure.